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Rainbow Strings
Pastel Waves
fire crab
Radial Lines
Patriotic Fireworks
Easter Eggs
Ribbon Iris 3
Blue Egg
Rainbow Swirl
lo que dibujo
galaxy ring
Color flower
Fuzzy Spirals
Setting Sail
glitchy eye
Infinite Spiral
Blood Splatter
Zoom Further
Sunset Ripples
Flower Petals
Bumpy Cross

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Currently available algorithms

You can create artwork in four different styles (more coming soon). Use the famous Mandelbrot fractal equation to interactively zoom into a recursive image. Or, try the Plasma tool which allows you to place points in the image and have colors flow out of those points. A third option allows you to make spiral patterns with different overlapping colors. Finally, use our Bauhaus tool to create images with tiled geometric shapes.

Have a style that you want us to build? Please let us know!

Mandelbrot Fractals

Mandelbrot Fractals



Bauhaus Geometric Shapes

Bauhaus Shapes

Splatter Art


Squiggles Line Art


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Using simple controls, you can quickly adjust the settings and see your changes affect the artwork in real time.

You have total control over every aspect of the artwork.

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After perfecting your masterpiece, save your artwork and share it with the Zazow community. You can return to any saved artwork in the future and continue working on it.

Easily download your finished artwork and use it in creative ways. Use it as your phone's wallpaper, or make it your virtual background in online Zoom meetings.