Squiggles Line Art

Colored lines randomly walk across the screen on a wandering squiggly line.

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What is Squiggles?

With Squiggles, colored lines randomly wandering across the canvas. You can control how many squiggly lines there are, their length, color, thickness, curviness and other settings.

These images make good background patterns for web designs, social media avatars or use them as digital wallpaper.

Squiggles Settings

The following settings allow you to control what happens when the squiggly lines wandering across the canvas. Some of these advanced settings may only appear if you turn on "advanced mode" using the switch at the top of the page.

  • Number - This slider determines how many squiggly lines are put onto the canvas.
  • Max Walk Length - This determines the maximum length of each squiggle in steps. If a squiggle goes off the edge of the canvas, it will end prematurely.
  • Angle Sharpness - Each time the wandering line takes a step, this controls how sharp of a turn it can make.
  • Curviness - When the squiggly line makes a turn, it can be a sharp corner, or it can be a smooth curve. This setting controls how curvy to make the step transitions.
  • Step Length - The length of each step in the squiggly line.
  • Line Thickness - Controls how wide the line is.
  • One Walk One color - When selected, each line will be a solid color chosen from your color palette. When disabled, each step or segment of the line will be a new color, resulting in a gradient along that line from start to finish.
  • Color Range - This dual slider will determine which colors from your selected palette are allowed in the drawing.
  • Background Color - Pick a single color for the background, behind the lines.
  • Line Color - Pick a single color for all squiggles, or select a palette from which the lines will be colored.
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